7 Steps to Start A Freelancing Business

The demand for freelance service providers is increasing worldwide every year. Many people are starting their own freelancing business and quitting their jobs and becoming independent entrepreneurs. In this blog post you will learn seven simple steps to start a freelancing business. 

If you are someone who is thinking of starting a freelancing business or have the idea of starting a freelancing business this post will be helpful for you. 

Here are seven steps to follow: 

  1. Build solid foundation
  2. Define your niche
  3. Set pricing for your service
  4. Identify your target market 
  5. Do daily organic marketing
  6. Sale your service to ideal customers
  7. Deliver amazing service

Now let’s see a bit more details about each of the steps and learn how you can start putting this into action right away. 

Build solid foundation: If you want to build a long lasting profitable freelancing business you need to focus on solid foundation. Think about building a house for a moment, what do you do before putting a single brick on the wall. You build the foundation first, that’s where the house will stand. So the same thing for the freelancing business, if you build it without a strong foundation, it can break down at any moment. 

Define your niche: As a freelancing business owner, it’s important that you pick a niche. Before deciding any niche do some market research and make sure you are picking a niche that has demand in the market, you are interested in it and you can deliver the services by yourself or with the help of a subcontractor. 

Set pricing for your service: You want to have a clear idea on what price point you would like to sell your services. When a prospect comes and asks the pricing questions you can tell them immediately and they can make a decision whether they would like to work with you or not. 

Identify your target market: Initially you might have the tendency to target everybody in the niche market. The truth is everyone is not going to purchase. Only certain percent of people need your service and are ready to buy. Identify your target market by defining your ideal client. Ask yourself these questions, who is my ideal client? Then decide what specific market you like to target. 

Do daily organic marketing: If you have done the above steps properly, at this step you are ready to do organic marketing. Make sure you are doing it consistently daily until you get your first client. If you don’t have a clear idea on what to do to market your services. Open a spreadsheet, make a list of your ideal prospects by searching on social media like linkedin, facebook or search engine like google. Try to find their contact info like email, phone, social media links etc. Once you collect ideal prospect info on the spreadsheet. Start doing the outreach by contacting them and generating conversations. 

Sale your services to ideal customers: By doing daily organic marketing consistently, eventually you will generate some conversations with potential customers. Once you find it’s a good fit for both you and your client. Offer your service and make a sale. 

Deliver amazing service: After you make sales, it’s time to deliver service. Make sure to deliver the project on time and with clients expectations. Try to exceed the expectation so clients are happy and they stay with you longer time and you make more money. 

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